Friday, December 10, 2010

State Level Youth Carnival



Date: 10th August 2010

Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai

Supported by:

Tamilnadu State AIDS Control Society (TANSACS)

Organised by



We would sincerely like to thank Mr.Shambhu Kallolikar,I.A.S, Project Director TANSACS, ,Mr.Alex Parimalam, Joint Director (IEC) TANSACS, Ms.Indhu -TL-CB,Mr.Jovalan Niranjan, Program Officer - DAPCU Mr.Rajadurai-AD,Dr.Ravibabu – JD (BS), Mr.T.Sampath - Consultant (Voluntary blood donation), Mr.Vendar Vendan-JD(TI), Mr.Kannan DD(TI),Mr.Rajganesh-AD(TI), Mr.Selvin - SMM (NACO - TSG), Mr.Sathyanarayanan - Police Advocacy, Ms.Rani-PO-(TI), Mr.Pramod-TL-(TI).

Mr.Aadithyan-Music Director, Mr.Gana Palani-Gana play back singer, Mr.A.Bakthavatchalam-Director-ARM, Mr.Kiruthiya-Lyricist, Mr.Gana Selvam and team,Mr.Palaniappillai.


Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society (TANSACS) has planned to organize a state level youth carnival “Illavattam”from 10th-12th August 2010, with the objective to reach more number of young people in prevention of HIV/AIDS and make them more vibrant.

The participants (youth) are primarily from universities and colleges all over the state, rural youth and school drop outs also will be engaged. Various sports and cultural competitions are planned to be conducted at the district level, University level and state level. Finals of these different competitions and games would be organized at the state level.

As part of youth carnival ICWO is identified as an agency to conduct Intercollegiate AIDS gana contest.

About Orientation:

Orientation was organized on 9th August 2010 at ICWO head office, Annanagar, Chennai-600 040. Resource persons for orientation was Mr.Aadithyan (Music Director), Mr.Kruthiya (Lyricist) and Mr.Bakthavatchalam (ARM Director). The main focus for this orientation was to check out the lyrics and to make any changes in the tune, and the appropriate message on HIV/AIDS. Mr.Aadithyan (Music Director) looked into the rhythm, tune and spoke about Gana style and how they should sing a gana song.

Mr.kruthiya (Lyricist) took effort to listen to each and every line of the song and made the necessary changes in the lyrics. Mr.Bakthavatchalam (Director-ARM) made a presentation on Basics on STI/HIV/AIDS. He gave inputs to the contestants what are all the words they can use for lyrics and the words which they should not use.

On 9th at 10am the orientation session started and got over by 4pm,the session was divide into 2,from 10am-1:30pm was one session and after lunch from 2:30pm-4pm was the second session. 20 colleges participated in the orientation program, after the session the contestants told that the orientation was very useful for them in all the aspects to perform the next day.

Intercollegiate Gana Contest:

The event was organized in Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Park Town on 10th August 2010.The program was started at 11am and there was a huge crowd of around 2000 students who was the audience for this event. 60 colleges had registered for this event and out of those colleges ICWO had short listed 30 colleges and on the day of event 29 colleges participated. HIV/AIDS educational exhibition was displayed with the support of TANSACS.


Mr.Aadithyan (Music Director)
Mr.Gana Palani (Play back Singer)
Mr.Bakthavatchalam (Director – ARM)
Mr.Kruthiya (Lyricist)

Prizes & Awards:

1st prize – Cash Prize – Rs 15,000/- ,huge cup, crown and a title “Gana Raja/Gana Rani”

2nd prize – Cash prize – Rs 10,000/- Cup.

3rd prize – Cash Prize – Rs 5,000/- Cup

Consolation Prizes (2) – Rs 3,000/- and a shield.

The event started at 11am with oath taking, not to discriminate people living with HIV/AIDS and the youth will share information about HIV/AIDS to their friends. After oath taking the event started and the contestants started singing, as soon as the event started there was a huge crowd in front of the stage, students enjoyed the event by clapping and dancing.

In between the contestants Mr.Aadithyan, Mr.Gana palani and Gana selvam’s team also gave some performances. All the contestants came out with an excelling performance on stage and the crowd enjoyed the event with utmost enthusiasm. While registering simultaneously food coupons was provided for the contestants and 30 more coupons for their college students. Around 1:30 the event was stopped for lunch. Lunch was provided to all the contestants and 30 for their friends, judges and ICWO staffs.

After lunch the event again regenerated at 2:15pm with an energetic gana performance. When the event was going on Mr. Alex Parimalam, JD (IEC) TANSACS, came up on the stage to introduce the Metal Men team who went from Chennai-Kanyakumari to campaign about State level youth Carnival “ILLAVATTAM” and they stated Mr.A.J.Hariharan gave this great opportunity for them by introducing them to TANSACS. By 4:30pm all the contestants finished performing and the judges were deciding on the results.

ICWO President Mr.M.Bhaskaran gave a speech about youth and the importance of state level youth carnival. Mr.Palaniapillai performed few songs with the theme HIV/AIDS.

Mr. Alex Parimalam JD (IEC) TANSACS gave away the mementos for judges and prizes to the winners.

1st prize- Presidency College

2nd Prize – Shree Muthukumarasamy College of Arts & Science

3rd Prize – Anna Adarsh College for wome

Consolation Prizes

C.S.I Ewards College for Women

Thiruthangal Nadar College for Arts & Science

Outcome of the contest:

  • A platform created for youth to showcase their skills and talents
  • Positive messages were disseminated through the Media about Youth.
  • Awareness created to the youth with regard to HIV/AIDS through gana songs.
  • Around 50,000 were floating population and 10,000 drop in among youth had an opportunity to view and listen about HIV/AIDS awareness song in the event.
  • 2000-2500 youth with lot of enthusiasm participated in the intercollegiate gana contest.
  • Out of 2500 youth 500-600 audiences were girls from various colleges, 6 number of female colleges participated in the contest.
  • Around 300 youth participated in oath taking.
  • HIV/AIDS educational songs were performed.
  • 2 prizes was won by women colleges
  • 5 hours of non-stop performance by the contestants and the special invitees.
  • ICWO is planning to organize a similar Gana contest in the year 2013.
  • TANSACS has organized extensive and tremendous arrangements for the stage, public address system with recording facilities, seating arrangements, display tables for cups and prizes, table for judges.